Raden - Edit Data Source Page - Cursor Doesn't Change to Indicate Processing

I have a large application with roughly 300 tables.

When you select the tables to generate and click Finish, the cursor is an arrow and the application appears to freeze.

This leaves the user guessing...

Is it doing anything?

Is it frozen?

What do I do next?

I'd suggest changing the cursor from an arrow to a wait cursor.

I'd also double check the Finish button is immediately disabled after it is clicked.

Ideally, I'd like to see a form with a progress bar letting me know what is happening behind the scenes.

Hey @SteelPhantomDude,

Thanks for the feedback! We will do our best to improve it in the next update.

One more thing...

In several places, when there is only only item in a dropdown, it makes me manually go and select that item.

I'd prefer it select that item instead of making me go and select it.

Can you be more specific? Where it this DropDown with single item?

It is in several places.

Off hand, in the Security tab, for the Data Source dropdown, it asks you to select an item... even though there is only one item.

The dropdown in the Security tab lists all compatible data sources in the application (which can be more than one). We don't plan to change that as it would require rendering different UI for this case. Not to mention that Security is rarely configured more than once per application.

When will the issues with the cursor not changing from an arrow to a wait cursor and the Finish button click exception be addressed?

For small projects, it may not be a big deal. But, for projects with lots of tables, it is really noticeable and frustrating.

Additionally, the Finish button needs to be disabled immediately after it is clicked. If it is clicked, while it is processing, it raises an exception. So, this is a bug that needs to be fixed either way.

Fix will be included in our update early next week.