Question: Overlay effect Radzencards / RadzenImage


I was wondering if Radzen has a overlay effect availible for the radzencard or radzenimage component?

For my use case i am building a page which contains four cards each containing an image as background. What i would like to see is a overlay as soons as i hover over the card/image that displays a icon + text with more info which can be clicked on as an action. I tried looking trough both componets docs but couldnt find any support for said feature. Since i am working with blazor and there is ccs isolation i would like to minimize or preverebly want to keep all the css bound to the default material theme.I was wondering then if there would be an option to add this as a feature inside a future version of radzen?

I found this example that has exactly what i am looking for.
W3Schools: Image Overlay Fade

In case i have not done my research correctly and it is already possible to do this, would it then be possible to show me an example of it working based on the example code from the radzen components?

Thank you for you time.

Hi @Mr.Prog,

Such overlay effects aren't provided out of the box indeed. We may add them in a future release but we can't commit with a deadline.

+1 for Overlay like MudBlazor: MudBlazor - Blazor Component Library