Question: Difference between Change and ValueChanged (RadzenTextBox, RadzenNumeric, RadzenDatePicker)

Dear Radzen Team,

yesterday I found a bug on my iPad(which only occurred on Safari Browser), which caused a textbox in a dialog not to update when afterward I pressed a button, when I pressed anything else with my finger it worked(In the background before the Change was called it called the Value Method which got the original value). I tried oninput but it was too slow for my purposes then last hope I swapped out Change to ValueChanged and suddenly it worked.

Now I am confused about why are there Change and ValueChanged and what is the difference between them?
Also is dialog on ios(safari) devices differently handled as Chromium?


ValueChanged event is used for @bind-Value. In Blazor frame if you want to have two-way binding support for some Parameter property you need to have [PARAMETER_NAME]Changed EventCallback.

Thanks for your fast response, is ValueChanged also safe to use with the Value property instead of @bind-value?

@bind-Value is the official way.

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