Question about Using the RadzenCheckBoxList

If I have a list of 4 Unique Check Box Values. I assume that each has an Index Value in the List. If this is true, and I set the TextProperty to the Name of the Check Boxed Option and The ValueProperty as the Item Number, is it possible to access the indexed checkbox and determine whether it is selected (checked) or not?

The Change event (or the property setter of the property used for @bind-Value) of the CheckBoxList will always give all updated values after every check/uncheck:

That helped. The Control is a little strange in the way it functions though but I have worked around it so I'm fine. I do have one more question, however. Is there a way to reset the control? The control initially shows the placeholder as "Length" and I would like to clear any numeric value that was entered and reset it to display the "Length Placeholder again.