QR Code Scanner, Signature Capture & Fingerprint

Dear Radzen Professionals,

As part of key considerations prior to making an enterprise switch we would wish to respectfully enquire what the likelihood of

  1. QR Code scanning functionality is.
  2. Signature Capture Component
  3. Fingerprint / FingerVein reader functionality (comprehensibly with either open source or paid third party components)

Of all three the signature is not as important as the other two.


We don’t have such components planned in our roadmap: https://www.radzen.com/documentation/roadmap/


Hello Vladimir,

  1. Is it likely that Radzen Blazor would become GPS-aware anytime in the RoadMap?
  2. Is there a development unit, development team or firm we could pay for custom development or connection between Blazor and Google Maps.

We are considering reviewing it to see if it could be of value in Location - aware apps eg RideHailing Apps or Virtual Survey Apps.

Many thanks.

Hi @Gabey,

GoogleMap compared was just released however we don’t plan any GPS functionality at the moment: