Puzzled with image path


I have a field returning a pic name. In a dialog, I have a label returning the pic name and extension (just to check) defined as ${parameters.Proba_Sign}. This works fine.
The pic is stored as an asset under the name as returned by ${parameters.Proba_Sign}. In an Image component, I am setting the path with the same ${parameters.Proba_Sign}. Looking at the Step by Step CRM example (in finishing touches), this should work in theory but it looks like it is failing to find the image.

Any idea what I do wrong ?

Thank you so much


Check the image src with your browser dev tools.


I checked and it works fine. Note: pics are loaded as Asset via Radzen and visible as thumbnails so I guess source is fine.

For a moment, I thought it was the case in the name as Radzen creates the asset making first letter an uppercase which created some inconsistency. Yet, same result after changing the db view to match this.

I am not sure it would make a difference but:

  • when adding an asset, it is shown in the sidebar with the first letter as lower case
  • when choosing from the list of assets, images are shown with a filename having first letter as upper case but a lower case in the path

I wouldn't think it is material but honestly, my lack of skills and knowledge give very little value to any statement I can make in this field.

So I tried both: having the string in the parameter having a first letter starting with a lower case or an upper case and still no luck.

Thank you


Any idea other than src ?

Thank you


Hi @Benjamin_Fadina,

Great job on the videos. I watched 2 already. I took a close look at how you add pictures to your datagrid and could not see why I fail to do something very similar.

In a nutshell, I source an image name from a SQL view and try to display it in a Dialog page. The sequence is that double-clicking on a data grid opens a page (that works fine as you can see in the first thread) which shows both the name of the file and the image itself. I have defined the filename of the picture as a parameter of the double-click event and I use it ( ${parameters.Proba_sign} ) both as the text of a label and as a path for the image (already stored as an asset).
The label text returns the filename but the image fails to find the picture. Any clue on what I should change ?

Thank you


@FredK_Trashmail Radzen recognises assets only if their path starts with "assets". Try setting Path property of the image to something like $"assets/{ProbaSign}".

Thank you for the response @korchev but still not working. I tried:

Please note that the first 4 were blocking me from closing the dialog window.




positive side, I understood why the " was blocking me.

This should work:


I am attaching a working application.BlazorAssets.zip (311.4 KB)


Perfect. Works like a charm.

Thank you so much @korchev