Publish to subdirectory - relative routing to Home

The Blazor-App is placed in a sufolder ( and works with relative paths except the "Home" entry in @MainLayout.razor:

RadzenPanelMenuItem Text="Home" Path="/"

The Entry Path="/" directs to the root domain instead to

How can I set the base path of all operations to the subdirectory, the Blazor-App is placed?

How would you do this if you were using the Visual Studio publish feature? I am asking as I am not sure this is possible. Normally this is done by editing the <base href="/"> in the _Host.cshtml but that file is compiled in production. Perhaps you can change the link in MainLayout.razor to be the full path e.g. Path="/Index".

Thank you. In the meantime I will use subdomains. Generally I'm wondering why .net seems to be problematic working with real relative paths.