Project is taking so long to show the UI frontend or never shows the UI

I have seen this behavior multiple times and it is making me doubtful about consistency

Radzen running on Mac
SQL Server 2017 database
node version: v11.14.0

The database is small, about 25 tables with foreign keys and relationships, 4 views, 5 stored procedures

After hitting run, the last console debug text is:
webpack: Compiled successfully.

The Odata backend, it seems to be fine, I invoke a GET method an actually see the json results from the endpoint.

I think it is something related to the UI, but I need your help/tips in order to see whats happening...
Thanks for your support

If your browser remains empty then there is probably a JavaScript error. You can open the development tools console of your browser and check for any exceptions. If you there is nothing please send us your application to

Thanks Atanas for your quick response,

This is what I have seen on the js console

Error: Uncaught (in promise): SecurityError: Attempt to use history.replaceState() more than 100 times per 30.000000 seconds replaceState@[native code] replaceState replaceState replaceState resetUrlToCurrentUrlTree onInvoke run onInvokeTask runTask drainMicroTaskQueue promiseReactionJob@[native code]
defaultErrorLogger (core.js:1654)
handleError (core.js:1715)
next (core.js:5705:148)
(anonymous function) (core.js:4533)
__tryOrUnsub (Subscriber.js:245)
next (Subscriber.js:192)
_next (Subscriber.js:133)
next (Subscriber.js:97)
next (Subject.js:66)
emit (core.js:4513)
run (zone.js:138)
onHandleError (core.js:4969)
runGuarded (zone.js:154)
_loop_1 (zone.js:684)
microtaskDrainDone (zone.js:693)
drainMicroTaskQueue (zone.js:602)

This is definitely not normal and is causing the UI not to load. Also it looks as a redirect loop - a page is navigating to itself indefinitely. If you send us your application we would probably be able to tell more.

Thanks, I'm uploading it to a cloud drive and will sent you the link in a couple of minutes.