ProgressBar not showing

Having a weird issue...

  1. File New Blazor Application (VS2019 16.3.x)
  2. Add Radzen.Blazor NuGet package
  3. In index.razor add RadzenProgressBar Mode=ProgressBarMode.Indeterminate
  4. Run app

The progress bar seems hidden, but also not showing indeterminate animation like in demo app.


Yep, we should improve this, in the meantime please define the ProgressBar like this:

 <RadzenProgressBar Value="100" ShowValue="false" Mode="ProgressBarMode.Indeterminate" />

:+1: that worked thanks. agree on the improvement, but absent that a note in the docs would have helped!

Can anyone indicate how to add a progress bar to the index.html page in a Client side app. At that point it's just HTML as the is still being created - so is it possible to put the generated code in the index.html page instead? I can create the progress bar on another page and then I have tried copying the generated div's and classes etc however the progress bar will not show :frowning:

Blazor components can be used in .razor pages only not in plain html pages.

Yes I’m aware - I took the rendered html and used that - ultimately it just a couple of divs with classes - that works now