ProgressBar 2 API questions

In both my own modified to accept progress bar and from Blazer Studio the progress bar fails to show any number even with explicit ShowValue="true"

What might be the cause of that ?

The Unit value is a string per the API. If it can be more than 1 character then I can use that to add content to the bar as can be done via bootstrap on cshtml page.
Is there a length ? - Id test it but am stuck getting the value displayed,

Background color in style allows for the non used part of status bar to take a color other than the default. If I have 2 progress bars on same page what properties can be used to manipulate them ? Or for example imagine that when the value got near minimum the bar went red ?

    <RadzenProgressBar Value="70" ShowValue="true"  Style="margin-bottom: 20px; height:15px; background-color:yellow" />

Thanks !!!

The progressbar does not show a value with the Material and Fluent themes (as per their design guidelines).

Oh thanks - hmmm so I need a different theme or come up with another alternative way to display the %. and units eg VDC or something

Thanks - I am obviously new to Blazor. I am also unfamiliar with how specific themes may over ride your API documentation. Is there a better way to know what to expect so I know when the Radzen documentation is over-ridden. Im sure its not the only case, Many thanks !

This has nothing to do with Blazor or API documentation :slight_smile: It is how Material design decided progresbars should look like.

To show a value you can:

  1. Show the value separately e.g. @ProgressValue
  2. Use this CSS to show the value and change the progress size. Put this in your <head> after all <link> elements.
.rz-progressbar-label {
    display: block !important;
<RadzenProgressBar style="height: 50px" ...>

Excellent - thank you !!!