Progress Bar issue


I have 2 problems with the Progress Bar (is a Datagrid template).

First one is an old ghost: I get a "Cannot convert from 'Double?' to 'Double' message:

  • I made sure all the constituents of my calculation link back to fields that are defined as Double
  • I added TValue Double as an attribute but it does not seem to provide the expected effect.

Second is when I force a (Double) into the code

and run it from Visual Code, I do get the correct figures in the progress bar but the blue bar goes systematically to 100% even though the number is smaller than this.

Thank you for your help

The Value property of the ProgressBar is of type double. TValue isn't supported.

What are the actual progress values? What you are seeing would happen if all values are greater than 100.

In addition the progressbar looks clipped which will happen if the column cannot accommodate 170px. Not sure what the width of that DataGrid column is.

The actual progress values are the ones you see in the bars: 26,579 etc... yes they are clipped but I just checked and bar length is 180px so not affected. Related to the Double? issue you think ?



No, it isn't related to that (your model property is probably nullable double hence the error).

I am afraid I don't know what is causing the problem as I can't reproduce it locally. You can prepare a sample application and send it to


Will try but first check that nullable double thing.