Progress bar and radzen basics

Hi - Im not able to replicate any example for progress bar
I have added additional attributes which I think would be default as in visible but all I get is 70% no bar. Radzen must be taking the value and adding % to it.

But what sets color, width , height ??

<div class="mb-2">
    <Radzen.Blazor.RadzenProgressBar Visible="true" ShowValue ="true" width="200 "style="--rz-menu-top-item-color: red" ProgressBarStyle=Radzen.ProgressBarStyle.Primary Value="70"> </Radzen.Blazor.RadzenProgressBar>

Most probably you've not added Radzen.Blazor CSS, check the "Getting started" for reference.

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Thanks - I needed to follow the install instruction! :roll_eyes: