Programatically instruct panelmenu to hide or show

Hello, just like the title says, is there a method I can invoke to achieve this when I open a specific page? Do I put the code on the page Load event?

What does "instruct panelmenu to hide or show" mean? The PanelMenu is always visible in a Radzen application.

but you can turn it on/off using the sidebar toggle on the upper left corner of the page. I want to be able to hide or show the panelmenu like that programmatically.

You can check the generated code which Radzen uses to toggle the sidebar.

could you please point me to the file responsible?

It is in MainLayout.razor.designer.cs by default:

        protected async System.Threading.Tasks.Task SidebarToggle0Click(dynamic args)
            await InvokeAsync(() => { sidebar0.Toggle(); });

            await InvokeAsync(() => { body0.Toggle(); });
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