Programatically clear search in RadzenDropDown and DropDownDataGrid

Good morning

I am currently using RadzenDropdown and RadzenDropDownDataGrid in a Blazor Server Side project. I have found from reading other community posts that I can clear these programatically by binding to the currently selected ID and setting this to -1.

However, after you set this to -1 and reopen the dropdown, any search the user has performed persists, so re-opening the dropdown shows no results (until they manually remove the searched text).

I've noticed from my decompiler that the dropdown contains a protected clear method that would clear the search, can this be made public / add another means to clear search as well as the current selected item?


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Hi Dan,

We will add Reset() method similar to RadzenGrid component - it will be added in the next release, it's too late for release today.


Hi there, is this issue resolved? I've same issue. I'm using BlazorServer with Radzen components.

I also need to clear many dropdowns too.

For.ex. I'm using cascading ownership between multiple RadzenDropDown so if user want to re-select the first dropdown and click to show popup, filter is keeping by component.

We should clear after clicking first dropdown for second time or directly find the changing when SelectedValueChanged or something.


Note: I'm using Radzen Components directly in Visual Studio, not Radzen IDE btw.

I replied to your other post. Additionally you can attach the source code to your project and debug your case.

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