Programatically change Dialog Title

I am using the DialogService in Radzen for Blazor and am wondering if there is a way to change the Dialog Title once the dialog is open? I use a separate page for the dialog content, set the Title on open but depending on what the user does, i would like to reflect that change in the Title.


The only way to set the title is when you open the dialog. Changing dialog title after open is not supported.

thank you, any chance this could be a feature request please?

I'm afraid that I'm not sure if this is even possible.

I did it using IJSRuntime

js :

function SetTitle(title)
document.getElementById('rz-dialog-0-label').innerText = title;


    protected IJSRuntime JS { get; set; }

    protected async Task SetTitle()
        await JS.InvokeVoidAsync("SetTitle", new object[] { "Hello" });
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That works well, thank you very much!