ProfileMenu component with Windows security


There seems to be an issue with the using the ProfileMenu component with Windows Security. When I drop a ProfileMenu component onto a layout of a system using Windows Security, it adds the menu on to the layout but, also adds defult code to the .razor.designer.cs file for handling a logout which isn't valid with Windows security:


The only way around that I have currently found is to add the required files to the ignore list and remove this default code?

Thanks for the report @markb! It will be fixed in the next update before the end of this week!

You can easily remove the Logout button from the ProfileMenu without adding any files to ignore list:

  1. Click the "..." button of the ProfileMenu to open its items editor.
  2. Click the "reload" button which will populate it with default items.
  3. Remove the Logout item.

Hi @korchev,

Thanks for the suggestion but, I have already tried that (without the file in the ignore list) and it doesn't get rid of the logout code. The contents of the items editor on the profile menu as you can see is empty but, that doesn't seem to remove the code

I'm running Radzen v2.63.9 if that makes any difference

The default ProfileMenu for Windows security should contain only the Logout item. Do you need a ProfileMenu at all if you don't want the Logout item to exist? You can just remove the ProfileMenu component or add a different item to it (which will stop Radzen from generating the Logout item).

There is no Logout method when using Windows security so having it as a default for Windows security seems odd? The error Radzen reports when trying to run is:

I was using a ProfileMenu to keep it standard with projects we have which use Active Directory security. What you have said is valid though and I have removed the ProfileMenu and simply used an icon and label to achieve what I needed.

I think @enchev already confirmed that and we will stop generating it. Not sure if we should add a ProfileMenu when Windows security is enabled though - it will be empty.