Profile page

I hate to be a bug but I'm working my way through the tutorials, and learning as I go.

Does this Profile page actually check if the Old Password textbox field matches the current password? Wouldn't that require having the password stored in plain text?
Is this file the same as the Register User page? Validation seems to be an issue here as well.

Hey @Neil,

Radzen applications are using .NET Identity - passwords are definitely not stored in plain text:

See the reply to your other thread why the validation will not work for forms that should be submitted.

Why is there an Old Password field if it doesn't check to see if it's a match with the current? If it doesn't match display the message. How do you make that work ?

the oldpassword ensures the authorized user is changing the password not someone else. The password is hashed and compared with the hash stored in database.
see ChangePassword

OK thanks

Looking for a way to get a notify message to popup if the Old Password fails to match the current, similar to the message that appears if a new user tries to be added and fails because that username/email has already been used.
As is I see the ?error=.... in the URL but would need the person to see a message.
Is there a way to do this from the AccountController file?