Profile page content isn't showing

Good afternoon!

For my application I'm using the user management system. Everything is working fine, except for my profile page. In my editor, the profile page looks like this by default:

However, when I'm deploying my application, nothing is showing up in this page (as you can see below).

I figured that it has something to do with the "visable" expression: ${user != null}. When I delete this expression I'm seeing the page normally.

Obviously this experession is here for a reason. It seems Radzen isn't recognizing my current user, which is weird because I'm logging in with an username and password.

Can you help me any further?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Chris,

The expression is there because of the admin/admin login however as far as I understand you've logged with real user? Can you post more info about the app? Is it .NET 3.1 or .NET5? I've tested the page with server-side Blazor and .NET 5 and profile page worked normally on my end when logged with real user:

Hello @enchev,

I've made this app a while ago but I believe it's a .NET5 server-side app. I've tested another app which is definitely .NET5 and I experienced the same problem (they are using the same database though).

I've logged into the app as an admin so I should see this page, am I right? In fact, everyone is authorized to see the page.

The admin/admin user is not part of the database and exactly because of this the form in profile page have expression for Visible property. You cannot edit the profile of admin/admin.

Honestly I'm not sure why the user is null in your case - it's initialized in Page Load:

If the app works without this expression you can safely remove it.

Thank you, I think I will remove the expression. I also tried another profile but the value is still NULL. Weird, but this will work!

Update: I changed the password of an user with the expression off and that is working fine. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: