Profile menu

  1. On the profile menu, can you point me in the direction of where in the themes the setting is for the hover highlight on items?


I've got the menu perfectly themed with the rest of my application but, hovering over the options (like Logout) above comes up in pale blue which I'd like to change.

  1. On my login page, i'm using the term "Sign in" rather than "Log in" which is settable in the login component properties but, I don't seem to be able to change "Logout" to "Sign out" on the profile menu?

The Hover color of the menu should take care of this.

You can customize the items by editing the ProfileMenu items in the Layout.

  1. Open the Items editor
  2. Click the reload icon - this generates the default items.
  3. Change the text of the menu item.
  4. Handle the Click event of the ProfileMenu
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Thanks for that - the instructions for changing the text worked a treat :slight_smile: I've checked my theme and I've already customised the Hover Color & Hover Background of Menu but, that doesn't seem to be being used on the profile menu?


As far as I see it is exactly that - light yellow color. Do you want to change the color or background?

Sorry - it's the light blue background highlight i'm trying to change - I would expect it to pick up the Hover Background which is set to a teal green colour in the theme.

It seems the profile menu currently doesn't pick up the hover background color from there. You will need to use custom CSS:

.profile-menu .navigation-menu .navigation-item-wrapper:hover {
   background-color: red !important;

You should put that in client\src\styles.css

That works :smiley: Thank you!!