Problems with login even after enabling ssl

Hi i am testing the page on a demo server for test purposes the problems that i am having is this on the login even after enabling ssl in localhost i dont have any problem but when i migrate it to a web server the login wont work the program without the login on the web server works fine this are the errors i am getting Note: The web app is uploaded with plesk

Forget to say but when you enter login with your credentials it directs you to the login

Hi @Abdulrahim_Omais,

Is your application using HTTPS? The screenshot and error messages mean that there is a mix of HTTP and HTTPS. How is the application deployed?

If the application works as expected during development then there must be some production misconfiguration.

Hi thank you for the response i even force it to redirect to https in ssl settings and even so is not working is there any way of adjusting the security for working without the need to be on https? Or is there a solution for the solution or the nginx to not to force https. To automaticly start on https?

No. Security uses HTTPS only cookies.

You can search in our forum for nginx and explore the suggestions.

I see thank you for the help

You can also check Microsoft's documentation about nginx deployment for tips.

You may need to add this as well:

app.UseForwardedHeaders(new ForwardedHeadersOptions
    ForwardedHeaders = ForwardedHeaders.XForwardedFor | ForwardedHeaders.XForwardedProto