Problems in manual deploy to IIS


I was deploying manually the aplication to IIS and after deploy and config I can't access my aplication, like loging in and go through to the first panel.
Looks like the connection to http://localhost:5000/ is refused

Where can be the problem?

The login HTTP request shouldn't be to localhost:5000 if everything is properly configured. It should be to the port on which your IIS is configured to run e.g.

I suggest you double check you did the steps from the documentation. In addition you can check the IIS log file to see if there is any exception logged.

Now I chenged the endpoints and looks everything is ok, but when I am going to the website it works but all the requersts are sent to localhost. where should I change the address to send to the requests to the right place?

More info can be found in the same article: