Problems creating a new app

Hello Radzen team,
i have 2 problems when creating a new app with version 2.0.

  1. the tables in edit data source/infer are no longer in alphabetical order
  2. get an error when starting the app (TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined)

see Video

Kind Regards

Hi Thomas,

Please send us the Radzen log file to check the error.
About the alphabetical order of the tables/pages. We’ve received feedback from customers that they want the exact database order and that’s why we’ve changed the behavior. Maybe we should introduce an option should pages/tables and properties/fields be sorted alphabetically or should we keep the database order.

Best Regards,

I cant see the reason why someone will have the Tables sorted as in the Database order.
I never use this in this manner. Alphabetical order is significant for me.

An option to sort the tables were great!

Kind Regards
PS: i sent the log file per mail

I suggested that fields in a table were in the database order.
This has saved me even more time per add/edit page as I have most of my fields in the order I want them displayed . It would be great to have the tables in alphabetically order.

Thanks @ThomasS and @alistair!

We will keep the database order for fields/properties and we will sort tables/pages alphabetically!

@alistair: i agree! Fields in DB order. Tables in alphabetical order. That works fpr me too


Hey folks,

Already fixed! We will do our best to release patch later today or tomorrow!

Best Regards,

Hi Vladimir,
the generated app from yesterday doesnt start with version 2.0.1:

So i deleted and imported the "yesterday app". doesnt work either. Same error. Not importatnt to me cause it was only for testing.

But a newly generated runs like charme :+1:t3:

Tables and fields order... :+1:t3:

So i can say version 2.0.1... :+1:t3::+1:t3: :slight_smile: