Problem with set variable on the event Submit of the Template Form in Add Page

We have a simple Add Page created by Infer Schema.
The Add Page has TemplateForm with handler tied to the Submit Event.
Invoke data source metod : cmdb.createApp
With Value Parameter ${appa}
2.1 handler : Then:
Close dialog with result: ${apps}
The handler exist in standard as number 1 and 1.1 (You could create in empty apps)

But First handler I create new handler:
1 Set Properties Name: Value: globalComp

appvalu is set in Page Load as : new Cmdbh.Models.Cmdb.AppArasVault()
, globalcomp is declared early.

Everything work OK one off , only in first time after compilation when I open page.
But next time the activity from Handler 1 Not work, I have wait 25minuts for next correct activity of First Hander in declaration Event of TemplateForm.
Do You have any Suggestion ?