Problem with Non-Visible Steps

I am having an issue using Steps when a step is non-visible. Hopefully I can explain and it will make sense. I have the following steps:

  1. Equipment
  2. Equipment Options (not-Visible)
  3. Contact Info
  4. Address Info
  5. Secondary Address Info (not-Visible)

Each of these Steps has a RazdenPanel and a bunch of stuff inside it.
In this initial state, I see the steps (1) Equip.. (2) Contact... (3) Address...
So far, so good.

The first panel has the correct content. If I click on (2) Contact, it actually selects (3) address. I can not manually click on Contact. If instead I use the Next/Previous buttons, it scrolls through the 3 steps as expected. If I make the Equip Options visible, then the label selection works properly for all the panels.

There is a crap load of code and controls so I'd rather not have to send the app if I can avoid it, but if you can't duplicate it, I will make a smaller app to demonstrate. I am running v2.10.3

Hi @JLepore,

Thanks for the report! Fix will be released tomorrow!

Wow - Excellent!

That fix worked.

The only thing that was nice about the previous performance was that it numbered the visible steps sequentially based. With this fix, the non-visible steps take up a number so initially I see #1,3,4. If I turn on#2, the sequence looks normal.

Previous behavior would renumber them when a step was made visible or non-visible which from a user perspective makes more sense.

If it is POSSIBLE to have this behavior back without breaking what was just fixed, it would be great, otherwise I will ignore it until someone complains or figure out how to deal with my code differently.

Kudos on the FAST response!

Hi @JLepore,

Renumbering step items was what actually introduced the problem and that is why we remove it. Now you can access by index all step items and check if the item is visible or not.

I missunderstood your report. The labels with step numbers will be fixed immediately!

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That is perfect. Works as expected now.
You guys are amazing with your response time!