Problem with LanguagePicker

Hi, i placed the Language Picker component in the MainLayout layout, but I can't see it. In compiling the project I have a warning "Found markup element with unexpected name RadzenLanguagePicker '. If this is intended to be a component, add a @using directive for its namespace." At runtime I don't see anything. Do you have to set something up to use the component? and what? Thank you.

There is no such component. Changing language in multilingual Radzen Blazor application is implemented with a DropDown:

Hi @Antonio_Ferrante,

We just noticed that this component is available in Radzen toolbox for Blazor applications while it should be only for Angular applications. Fix will be released before the end of this week.

Hi enchev,
I followed your instructions, I created a DropDown and entered the two languages ​​Italian and English, also in the project settings I entered these two languages, by default it is set to Italian.
In the Load event of the MainLayout page I have inserted the following instructions
Culture = "";

        Culture = await JSRuntime.InvokeAsync <string> ("Radzen.getCulture");

And about the onChange event of the DropDown
var redirect = new Uri (UriHelper.Uri) .GetComponents (UriComponents.PathAndQuery | UriComponents.Fragment, UriFormat.UriEscaped);

        var query = $ "? culture = {Uri.EscapeDataString ((string) args)} & redirectUri = {redirect}";

        UriHelper.NavigateTo ("Culture / SetCulture" + query, forceLoad: true);

When I change from Italian to English I see that the page refreshes but the English labels do not change.

The browser that displays the app is set in Italian, as a test I changed it to English and in this case I see the app with the labels in English, but if you select the Italian language in the DropDown it always remains English.

I have a feeling that the settings are taken from the browser and not from the app.
it's possible?

Well, localizing Blazor application is not a trivial task - better check the code generated by Radzen when localization is enabled.