Problem with FK containing columns with Ñ


I need help with the project I am currently working on.
When Radzen creates a mapped object from a table containing columns with Ñ, it creates the attribute name without Ñ and adds the Column property ("AÑO"). This can be considered fine, although the Ñ is a valid character in the name of a variable or property in C#.

But the problem is when there are foreign keys whose fields have Ñ, where Radzen takes the name of the Database column and not the name of the attribute of the created object.
Therefore, the compilation of the application fails and must be modified manually.
Any workaround so I don't have to fix it every time I run the inferred schema?

An example:
-- mapped object attribute:

public Int16 AO

-- Foreign key created by Radzen

-- And it should look like this:
Replace i.AÑO with i.AO

Thank you.

It will be fixed in the next update.

Hey @adriblasco,

Can you send us at your database schema to check if our fix is applied correctly? We will need just the schema, not data.