Problem with DataGrid LoadData event


So after following this tutorial I ended up with the same problem described in here.
I'm trying to stick with the Radzen low-code solutions and tried applying the workaround in the Count property of the table, but it seems that no matter what method or what value I set there, it won't validate. Count is always set to the amount of records in the Data property. If I don't set anything at all no records are shown, but if I do set something, all the records will be shown, regardless of paging configs.

Page load event

Table properties

Table events

To have proper paging count should be all records count not just the return data count

When using the all records count, the paging does not work. Clicking the pages does nothing and all the records are always displayed. PageSize only works in the editor, not in runtime.

I suggest you to use the CRUD pages template or new Data wizard - Radzen will setup the paging for you if the data source can page (IQueryble for server-side Blazor or OData service)

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