Problem of display result with dropdown list

I'm new blazor programmer.

I try to run many control in one page. For example, button, progress bar, dialog box...
But dropdown list result display on the top.

How to fix this problem?

If only dropdown list, it will display on the bottom.

Hi @tommy,

I am afraid this is the first time we see such a problem and we are not sure what is causing it. Can you reproduce it on our online demos?

Hi Korchev,

I copied the demo code to my project.

It is my index page.

The attached pages cannot be run as it depends on other code which isn't provided.

I'm no idea how to solve this problem...

Hi @tommy,

Is this dropdown component at end of the page? Because only that time the list appears over the component.

My suggestion is you can use rows & columns while if you don't. It could help you.

If you share the whole project instead of pages I can check out if you want.

Hi @koksal.basar,

I try to remove bin and obj folder and upload to

Thanks your help

Hi @tommy,

Unfortunately, I can't download your code. Because my box gave some virus message and I couldn't take this risk.

But I create a very simple Radzen sample that is working seamlessly. You can access this code from GitHub with the following link.

You can clone this project and work on it. If you don't know using GitHub you can watch this video

But I strongly suggest you check all Radzen components from Radzen's online demo.
You can also access the code files from GitHub. The link is on the page bottom or you can use this link.

In addition, your start point must be Radzen documentation. Overview (Blazor) (

This video set created by @Benjamin_Fadina can be useful for you.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me. I try to explain as far as I know.

Hi @koksal.basar,

I will learning your project first. Thanks.