Problem login in after installing 2.54.3

Hi, Juast installed the aboe version. did an npm install. Run from radzen and it works perfect. However, if I run from visual studio, the login screen doesn't work. On pressing login, nothing works. Please see devtools console.

Hi @spookyCol,

Unfortunately we can't reproduce such an error locally. Does downgrading Radzen solve the issue? You can also run the application with the debugger to see what happens in the Login method of the AuthController class. Probably there is some sort of exception.

It wasn't calling the login method in the controller. Went back to 2.54.1 and it all worked fine. It also stopped at the break point in the Login of the AuthController.

Another thing that happened in version 2.54.3 is that it started a browser window that said it was a server side app (or something like that). If you close that, the app closes. You have to leave it and then the app window you are expecting opens up in another window.

I am afraid we can't reproduce both issues. I suggest you send us your application and DB backup or SQL script to

UPDATE: I checked all code related to Angular authentication and it hasn't changed in a few months. Can you compare the generated code between the working and non-working versions? Check Startup.cs and AuthController.cs.

Thanks. It worked on my laptop but not on my desktop. Also, affected 2.54.4. Just for reference, I uninstalled the Radzen app and then installed latest version. All works great now.