Prevent RadzenBody from scrolling to top on navigation that only changes query string

It appears the RadzenBody has some hard coded logic to scroll to the top of the page on a navigation.

This is not always the correct behavior, especially in cases where the navigation does not actually change the location. E.g. Updating the query string. Is there any way to prevent this or could a mechanism potentially be added to the component code in a future release. This creates some pretty major UX issues in the cases where the navigation does not result in the component actually being reloaded.

There is a similar issue with the core Framework that Microsoft is addressing in .NET 7.

Implementing a similar mechanism here seems like a good idea in order to keep the Radzen Blazor controls aligned with the framework functionality.

Thanks for your help.

Not currently. This code is required otherwise the scroll position will always stay the same after navigation. Once the ScrollAfterNavigation option ships we will handle it appropriately in RadzenBody. We can also add a ScrollAfterNavigation property to RadzenBody itself. However it would unconditionally disable the scroll reset implementation even when it is needed.

As a workaround you can replace RadzenBody with <div class="rz-body">.

Thanks for the info. Is there a github issue where I can keep tabs of progress on the ScrollAfterNavigation functionality?

No, we don't have a github issue for this.