Prevent my serial number from being stolen

I have successfully activated RBS on my computer. I appreciate the excellent work you have done.

I now have the following concern: How can I prevent my serial number from being stolen? It is possible for anyone who will use my device for a minute (friend, maintenance worker, etc.) to copy the serial number in just seconds by taking a photo of it while it is displayed without protection using the
"License > Enter License Key" window :frowning:
The problem is that he may use it, or even publish it somewhere to be used illegally, which none of us wants.

Please make this not possible by, for example, encoding the number as follows:

Radzen- Please copy my serial

Or any other method that you deem appropriate in which it prevents the process of copying the serial number.

Thank you.

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Hi @Amer,

We are not planning to implement such a feature as we believe such a solution won't solve the problem completely but would create new ones - the inability of users to copy the license key for example.

Hi @korchev
Thanks for your quick reply.

You can simply hide it.. I can't think of any reason why I may need to copy the serial from inside RBS? I have already received it in my email so it is available in case I need to reactivate RBS later.

Hey Amer!

I understand your concern, however a Windows-account should be personal or only used for people you really trust. Think about if you f.ex. have OneDrive setup in Windows (i dont know if you use Windows, its just an example.) and OneDrive sync with all your pictures and private documents. You can't just let other people use your Windows account then.
I would suggest that you create a guest user on your PC for people using it and not let them use your personal account. If it is a PC from your workplace you should maybe get your own PC beside for personal stuff if your workplace require access to the account on the PC.

I really understand your concern, but i think the solution is to look at how you handle your account and who you give access to it. It would be no problem for me because no one use my account other than me.

Of course the issue is different if a maintenance worker should fix your PC, but i only think trust to that specific company who are fixing the issue on the PC should be the topic then.

Personally i would rather have the key to be shown in the program than if I in 3 years should look for a 3 year old mail when installing it on another PC i might be switching to, even though i use LastPass for such things.

I dont know your exact situation, but i would recommend to have your account to be your own personal account with only you to be able to access it. :blush:

Best regards
Alexander Gudmundsson

Thank you @AlexanderGudmundsson for your reply
The example I gave may not be a good one - as I see - so I understand and agree with your opinion that no one should access my personal device.

When you work in a company, the system administrator (and anyone working in the IT department) can access all the company's PCs. They can also reset your account password and access it easily, while you have no right to prevent them from doing so (it is not your machine in the end).

Anyway, and to close this thread, I still wish that to change one day in the future.
Thank you all.

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