Possible scroll bug in drop down using virtualization

I am trying to get a dropdown using virtualization and multiselect to work but I am having an issue that seems to happen using RadzenDropDown or RadzenDropDownDataGrid.

What is happening when using virtualization once the data is loaded and the user starts scrolling, the scroll list jumps to the previous values once they get past the top of the listbox. I can't screen cap since this is a work PC and I don't have the software, but imagine scrolling in a dropdown and let's value "ABC" is in the middle. Once the user scrolls "ABC" past the top of the drop down window it reappears in the middle. Almost like the scroll position is getting reset and moving "ABC" back to the middle of the scroll box. Is this a bug or possible an issue with the way I am setting up the control.

                Change=@(args => AccountLookupChange(args, "DropDown with LoadData virtualization")) />

I just tested this with Chrome and Edge and I still get the same results. The scroll keeps moving the values back to the middle after they have scrolled past the top of the listbox.

I just upgraded to 4.8 and still the issue persists.