Possible bug with Tooltip not disappearing

.NET 5.0
Radzen latest nuget package
Server Side Blazor

Steps to reproduce

  • Hover over a component with a tooltip and mouse away. The tooltip goes away after about 2 seconds
  • Repeat the previous step and the tooltip does not go away.

Works as expected on our live demo


I'm seeing the absolute same behavior on your demo site. Hover over the button then mouse off. Hover over a second and the tooltip stays.

I have tested this on .net 3.1 and .net 5 for web assembly and blazor server without issue.
I would suggest that you make sure you are using latest Radzen version or if custom site, update your Radzen package to latest.

You can duplicate this easily on the Radzen site at https://blazor.radzen.com/tooltip. BTW, I have latest of all nuget packages.

We fixed an issue with the tooltip with Radzen.Blazor 2.17.7 and updated the online demos.

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We updated to 2.17.9 and this issue appears to be fixed; however, I fear it may have introduced another bug. So we launch our app and hover over something with a tooltip and displays fine. But if we navigate to another page the tooltips no longer work. We have to refresh the page we navigated to in order to get the tooltip back.

This is still an issue for me on the latest version on Radzen Blazor. It is also occurring on the official demos. You hover for a few seconds and the tool tip just disappears.