Possible Bug - Stop and Run Button Not Work

I'm using the latest version of Radzen Blazor Studio. I've noticed that the button in the upper right, the Run and Stop button seems to randomly stop functioning.

Windows 11 Pro - Latest Updates
Visual Studio 2022 - Latest Updates
Blazor w\ .NET 8.


Can you post some additional info or screen recording what and when exactly happens?

@enchev ,

Here a link to the recording showing what is happening. I have to completely exit from RBS and relaunch for this to work again. I hope this helps.

Did you notice when this happens? I can’t seem to make it stuck as in the recording.

It seems like it happens after exiting from a running app. Try closing the browser window, then clicking on the stop button. Like I mentioned, it's really weird and random. This does happen when changes are made, I've also noticed. But not all the time. I will try to keep an eye on what I do when this happens.