Possible Bug - Search Box for Radzen Grid fails to search existing items after paging

A custom search box for searching records in a grid based on single/multiple fields does not work after paging the grid.(Even if it is done as shown in your demos - by using query builder)

This can be reproduced in Radzen CRM demo application's Contact search page as well.

Search feature works ONLY if we do not change pages

I spent a lot of time pulling my hair on this :roll_eyes:


After the StateHas Changes please call the GridName.FirstPage this issue is resolved for me. hope this helps

Just to add some more information to the above answer.

The reason you need to call GridName.FirstPage() after a search is beacuse otherwise the user searchering my be on a different page, paghe 2 etc. If the user is getting enough answers so that the grid is generated a second page then may the user only se the reuslts on the second page which is wrong.

So, when a user is searching we always need to call FirstPage to ensure the user is getting all the results on the first page.