Possible Bug in Example of Radzen DataGrid InLine Editing


I'm using the Datagrid with Inline Editing for a simple use case, and based my code on the example from Radzen. Upon using it I've discovered a bug when adding new rows, and it seems like the example also suffers from it.

Here's how to reproduce it:
1: Click on 'Add new order'
2: While in edit-mode, delete one of the previously existing rows.
3: That row will be deleted, along with the row you were just adding/editing.
4: 'Add new order' button is still disabled, user is unable to add to the grid

#4 I presume is because the 'orderToInsert' object still contains data, even though the accompanying row is gone.
I'm not sure if this is intended behaviour, but nonetheless am looking for a workaround and happy to hear suggestions. One option I've tried is to disable the delete buttons when in edit-mode for all rows except the new one, but for some reason I haven't gotten that to work yet.

Hi @rachid,

You can just set orderToInsert to null in the DeleteRow event handler:

 orderToInsert = null;