Pluralize or Singularize Table DB


Radzen 2.42.4 - "Edit Data Source" - Blazor

Unchecked the option Pluralize or singularize ..., with the intention of generating the model exactly like the one in the database, but the model is changed, do you have any option to not change table names, keeping it exactly as in the database?

another detail, as I am evaluating the product, in the comunity option, after a few days it no longer allows to deselect the singularize / plurarize option. there is no way to have an option to leave the tables just like the database in any version?



This setting controls only page names visible in the application navigation menu. All other files and classes will not be affected.

Hi enchev!

Is there any way or in a future version in which the name of tables in the model is not changed?

I have tables in the pack as in the following example:
LogSql and LogSqls, the first is the master and the second detail of the first, as others could not have a change in the names.

another detail that would be important to have the option so that in the generation of the project by radzen he can check not to change the order of classifying the fields in the table, he always classifies, but can have the option of leaving it in the order in which it is in the table.

we are evaluating radzen to migrate our erp to web blazor! from what we understand the generation and maintenance of the app should always start from radzen ok?