Pie Series Click Event

Is there a way to add a click event to the pie slices? I am trying to find a way to make clicking a slice filter another list based on the category clicked in the pie.

Hi @dbooth1980,

At the moment the Radzen Blazor chart doesn't support click events. We plan to add such a feature in one of the future releases.

@korchev is this feature availabe now?

Hi @qmmughal,

Not yet. We will implement it next week.

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Please keep posted here as well, when you done with this feature. Thank you

It has been already released. Check the updated demo: Blazor Pie Chart | a free UI component by Radzen

Perfect, Thank you! I check it out.

Am I missing something? I cant find the click event in the demo or the docs for pie series. Would love to have a click event for all chart series, this would be great for drilling into data.

Seems fine.

Thanks for your reply and accept my Apologies..... I could have sworn there was no SeriesClick=@OnSeriesClick event in the code moments ago. So cool it works for all chart series.