Pie chart displaying weird style bugs

Dear community,
I am decorating my page with some diagrams. However I have noticed that the colored surfaces have tiny tiny gaps between them. It seems like every entity of the property specified in the data filed is evaluated and printed once creating this distortion. Another reason for my hypothesis is that when I hover along one category it shows me different value depending where the mouse pointer is.


Is this a bug or am I midding something?
Thank you for your amazing support!

Hi @radzenuser1,

Haven't seen this one. Indeed it looks as if there are too many segments in the pie. What is the data you are data-binding it to?

I am analyzing a json obtained by a custom method. It has around 1000 entries.

I am afraid we will need more info than that. What is the shape of this JSON? How is the chart configured? If you are creating 1000 slices in the pie it will indeed look like this.

Any chance we can get more color options for larger number of slices ?


Hi @Diego_Rod,

You can define any number of colors via the Fills property:

Fills="@(new []{"#d47676", "#c84c9c", "red", "green", "blue"})">

thanks this helps alot

@korchev , I'm getting this error when hovering the donut and opening the tooltip. It's not frequent, but it requires a refresh when it happens.

<RadzenChart SeriesClick=@(FilterSpecificGroup)>
    <RadzenDonutSeries CategoryProperty="Name" Data=@(GroupTotals) Fills=@(new []{"#d47676", "#c84c9c", "red", "green", "blue"}) Title=@(Text.FromTextType(TextType.Entities)) ValueProperty="Total">
            <div class="align-items-center d-flex justify-content-center" style="height: 100%;">
                <h4>@($"{nameof(GroupTotal.Total)}: {Entities.Length}")</h4>

We will add a check for this case.

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