Performance issues with @bind-value on a Dialog


I have a Blazor .NET 8 application, which uses Radzen.

I have an "EditUser" component that I display as a Dialog when I click on an element in my DataGrid. It sends parameters that allow my component to function properly.

However, when I bind data to my ListBox, which is supposed to display the user's rights, it takes 5 to 10 seconds.
If I remove the @bind-value, no performance problems occur.

Click to open the component :

Component :

Some idea to why and how resolve the issue ?

Without runnable code demonstrating the problem unfortunately I can’t tell much. Try to debug your code.

When debbugging, there is the object send as parameter to the dialog component:

And there is my Component, that initialize his data with this 3 parameter:

My listbox is filled by a list of "User", there is 2 element in my actual object list.
When the application render the Dialog.Open, it takes 10sc to appear.

If I remove the @bind-value property of the ListBox, everything is fine.

You might need to specify height for this ListBox.

It takes so long, even with the height:100% on the ListBox

This will not help. You need height in pixels or calculated.

Ok. With width:100% and height:100px, the component always takes 5-10sc to appear. :cry:
Thank you for your fast answers

Hello, no other solution?...