Performance issue

Just testing out Blazor Studio and I am noticing a significant performance difference between Radzen Blazor and Radzen Blazor Studio RTM. For example I have a table in a database with only 5 rows and in Radzen Blazor, it displays almost immediately and in Radzen Blazor Studio there is a noticeable delay in displaying the rows. I used the crud page creator to build the page and did nothing else. Is this only in development or will I see this same performance issue once I deploy?

Also...forgot to say ...I am using MS Sql

Do you mean the runtime performance of the generated applications?

The application loads fine, but the components seem to lag. Panel menu is slow to open and sometimes takes more than one click. Crud pages with datagrid load data into grid slowly. I haven't gone any farther than that. I created a new blazor server application, created a new crud page and ran the application. Everything just seems slower...

Performance looks to be the same considering that Radzen Blazor Studio generated similar code ...

Radzen 2.x


Radzen Blazor Studio


Yes, I re tried my test and let Radzen create my crud pages from the beginning and got comparable performance. I only notice a difference now if I allow virtualization.

Hey @daveg1466,

Check if you have same columns in the application created by Radzen Blazor Studio compared to the application created by Radzen. It is possible to have different performance if you have some additional property like base64 image in the RBS application DataGrid.

The datagrids are set up the same. It seems to be when I turn on virtualization.

This isn't a complaint, just an observation. Trying to be a participant and let you know some of the things I notice that are different between RBS and Radzen 2.xx

Hi @daveg1466,

Both Radzen and Radzen.Blazor produce almost identical applications - the design of the application in Radzen.Blazor studio is improved however this cannot cause performance problems. What version of Radzen.Blazor is referred in Radzen generated app and what in RBS generated app?