Passing parameter to another page


I had some issues with passing parameter to another page and working with it:

It seems that Radzen does not know this parameter. When i try to use it on the opened page, it won't appear in the selection:

But i can use it in the page load and as a value for components:


I just cannot use it directly in e.g. an „disabled“ expression. Fields remain disabled, no matter which value the parameter got.

I'am using a workaround – by setting new variable in the page load (see above). This works, but why can we not use the page parameter directly? Does someone have an explanation for this behavior?


This is actually valid way not a workaround.

I have a parameter I need to pass to a new page (I don't want to use a dialog) but it is an Id. I have tried setting a new variable to pull the value of the parameter but this does not work. what can I do in this situation outside of a global variable? If I go the global variable route, I will have way to many variable to keep track of for all of my pages.

How are you calling the page and passing the parameters?
Can you view the parameters in debugger?


I am simply passing the parameter in a navigate-to-page event and trying to retrieve them when the next page loads