Passing Parameter from Generated Code

I'm trying to display a simple message that thanks a user for confirming their email during the user registration process. The approach I had was to put a Show Notification on the load event of the login/home page


as the login/home page is the page the user is redirected after confirming their email address (see the generated code AuthController.ConfirmEmail() method below):

    public async Task<ActionResult> ConfirmEmail(string userId, string code)
        var user = await userManager.FindByIdAsync(userId);
        var result = await userManager.ConfirmEmailAsync(user, code);
        if (result.Succeeded)
            user.EmailConfirmed = true;
                            return Redirect("http://localhost:8000");

        return new NoContentResult();

However, the notification needs to be displayed only for users who come to the login page that via the ConfirmEmail method. Is there a simple way to set a condition so that the notification is only displayed for these types of users?

Hi @malfoy,

No, at the moment there is no easy way to do that.