Pass Group Key As Parameter On Button Click Event


I have been using your group footer and group header demos for datagrid column grouping and have found them very helpful.

I would like to pass the group key as a parameter on a button click event to a dialogue form and am not sure how to do so.


Is this possible?



You can try with context.Data.Key

Thank you for the quick reply @korchev.

I tried this but received an error that ''context' does not exist in the current context' on the relevant razor.designer.cs page.

How does your existing GroupTemplate look like? Probably you have set its Context attribute to something e.g. data. In that case use data.Data.Key.

My GroupFooterTemplate simply has a button in it and I did not set any attributes.

The button executes the following click event:

I have been able to use context successfully in the GroupHeaderTemplate.

How does the generated code look like?

UPDATE: Indeed there isn't an easy way to do that from Radzen at the moment. We will investigate a solution. I have also updated the category of the thread.

Great, thank you @korchev!