Parameter with comma


I'm making a application with Radzen that integrates with an ERP and on the MSSQL database of the ERP there is a necessary data field that I need with a comma inside of the string.
i tried to use this string as a parameter for the next page and After that THe next table keeps loading and I get a bad request error.
I can I handle this type of parameters ?

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Can you provide more info where is the parameter with comma? Is for page or a data-source method invoke?



I'm passing it from a event table row select to a data source query filter that feeds another table in a new page.


When I open the detail on the browser console I get this error:

{"error":{"code":"","message":"The query specified in the URI is not valid. Syntax error at position 26 in 'ststamp eq Adm19060646801,821542954 '.","details":,"innererror":{"message":"Syntax error at position 26 in 'ststamp eq Adm19060646801,821542954 '.","type":"Microsoft.OData.ODataException","stacktrace":" at Microsoft.OData.UriParser.ExpressionLexer.ValidateToken(ExpressionTokenKind t)\r\n at Microsoft.OData.UriParser.UriQueryExpressionParser.ParseExpressionText(String expressionText)\r\n at Microsoft.OData.UriParser.ODataQueryOptionParser.ParseFilterImplementation(String filter, ODataUriParserConfiguration configuration, ODataPathInfo odataPathInfo)\r\n at Microsoft.OData.UriParser.ODataQueryOptionParser.ParseFilter()\r\n at Microsoft.AspNet.OData.Query.FilterQueryOption.get_FilterClause()\r\n at Microsoft.AspNet.OData.Query.Validators.FilterQueryValidator.Validate(FilterQueryOption filterQueryOption, ODataValidationSettings settings)\r\n at Microsoft.AspNet.OData.Query.Validators.ODataQueryValidator.Validate(ODataQueryOptions options, ODataValidationSettings validationSettings)\r\n at Microsoft.AspNet.OData.EnableQueryAttribute.ValidateQuery(HttpRequest request, ODataQueryOptions queryOptions)\r\n at Microsoft.AspNet.OData.EnableQueryAttribute.<>c__DisplayClass1_0.b__3(ODataQueryContext queryContext)\r\n at Microsoft.AspNet.OData.EnableQueryAttribute.ExecuteQuery(Object responseValue, IQueryable singleResultCollection, IWebApiActionDescriptor actionDescriptor, Func2 modelFunction, IWebApiRequestMessage request, Func2 createQueryOptionFunction)\r\n at Microsoft.AspNet.OData.EnableQueryAttribute.OnActionExecuted(Object responseValue, IQueryable singleResultCollection, IWebApiActionDescriptor actionDescriptor, IWebApiRequestMessage request, Func2 modelFunction, Func2 createQueryOptionFunction, Action1 createResponseAction, Action3 createErrorAction)"}}}

This exception means that the $filter parameter contains invalid value. What is the actual value that the HTTP request is made with? You can see that in your browser developer tools (in the Network tab).

Hello Atanas.

The construction query with parameter is here:
The parameter that I want to pass is 'Adm19060646801,821542954'

these are the configurations on Radzen and the outputs

You can try ${encodeURIComponent(parameters.yourparameter)}

Where should I use this code? into the query builder ?

Yes, just change ${parameters.yourparameter} to ${encodeURIComponent(parameters.yourparameter)}

I think it doesn't like the commas. I got error again
The query specified in the URI is not valid. Syntax error: character '%' is not valid at position 25 in 'ststamp eq Adm19060646801%2C821542954%20'.","details":,"innererror":

You may need to use it as string: '${encodeURIComponent(parameters.yourparameter)}' or '${parameters.yourparameter}'. Like this:$filter=CustomerID%20eq%20'AL,FKI'

Hi Enchev.

This '${parameters.yourparameter}' worked in this case.

Thanks a lot!