PanelMenuItem expand / collapse

Hi all,

In the PanelMenu component, is there a property that allows only one PanelMenuItem to be expanded at a time?

That is, when a PanelMenuItem expands the rest will contract.


Hi, did you find the solution to your answer? please let me know, I'm intersting.



No solution so far

Please @korchev :pray: :pray: :pray:

There is no such property at the moment. We don't plan to add this but will accept a pull request which implements it.

panelmenu expanded and selected are both bool, so its just a matter of checking if expanded and selected are both true and then setting expanded on the rest of the panel menu items to false. I just can't see where those bool values are returned. Also it would be on the click event which is for the whole panel menu, so you have to check each panel item every time a click is initiated.