Paging in custom Datagrid


I want to allow Paging in a custom DataGrid, I already select "Allow Paging" option in Radzen, but is not working, there is something else to do? can you please help me?

Patricia Neira

What are the other settings of the DataGrid - Data, PageSize, Total etc.?

Count = ${getCarAssignationsCount}
Data = ${getCarAssignationsResult} (the data that the custom method returns)
Value = ${getCarAssignationsResult}
Allow Sortings = true
Allow Paging = true
Allow Filtering = true

Is bringing 5 rows and the method returns 8 rows.

Try setting the PageSize to a value lower than 8 (it is 10 by default).

I already did it.
PageSize = 5 that's the reason just is showing 5 rows.
But the custom method returns more than 5. Thats the problem that I have, the paging options are not in the data grid to be able to see more than 5 rows.

In this case check what the value of ${getCarAssignationsCount} is.

Nice, I changed the value of ${getCarAssignationsCount} and now the Paging is able. But when I change to next paging in the data grid shows the same information :frowning_face:

You need to handle LoadData event, page your service using the info from event argument and assign grid data. You can check how grids in auto-generated pages are implemented.

I already compared the configuration between auto-generated pages and the custom one.
The custom method has to have something special?
Because the number of the rows are ok and the information too because if I select a PageSize bigger shows the information.
The problem y when a reduce PageSize number and I want to change to page#2 or 3, etc and brings the same information in all of them.

Well if you keep returning the same data - the grid will display it. If you inspect the generated code you would see that the current page data (skip/top) are passed to the service which returns the new page of data.

Korchev, I just posted what appears to be the same topic and discussion as what is in this thread with Patricia. We have a custom method that gets a list of records and is bound to datagrid. How did this get resolved because we are at the same problem in that the records show up, and the buttons are showing for paging but we can't get the paging to work. Am I suppose to pass this skip/top to my custom service, if so can you give me a code of example of a custom method of this working so I can implement the same?

I’ve just replied again to your other thread