Paging from one datagrid to another

Say I have two data grids and I have paging enabled on both. If I wanted to trigger paging on click from one to the other could I? Thank you so much for your help!

Hi @HRichard,

You can use the GoToPage method. You will need a reference to both DataGrid components (which are automatically generated in Radzen applications):


You can execute this code in the LoadData event of grid1.

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I'm using your paging suggestion and it works great! I was wondering why a grid would page through a list but not update the grid on my button click. I have the method call inside the RadzenGrid itself and the data only updates after paging once I click the grid cells and thus calling the function. Whats weird is that even if I call the function from the button directly the grid doesn't reload even after I call Reload() on the specific reference. I know its a weird issue but I think it has to do with StateHasChanged() or OnInitialization() or something. Maybe you have an idea of what it could be?
Thanks for all your help.

I am afraid I don't know what this is. If you have a Radzen Professional subscription you could send us your application to and we will troubleshoot.