Paging does not work with automated CRUD page

When I create new pages via the CRUD pages, I get the overview page with the DataGrid as well, right? There, the paging does not work.
I found out why: in the automated created page, you have the site loading event that executes "this.grid0.load();". This then calls the invoke datasource method in the LoadData event of the DataGrid itself. In this way, the paging is always disabled.

When you invoke your datasource method with the page loading event and delete the automated generated behavior, it works.

Cheers, Markus

Hi @YnotBetter,

We can't reproduce such an issue (tested with the Sample Radzen database available in the New MSSQL data source screen - the Create Sample Schema button). All DataGrids seem to support paging without any extra steps required. Does paging work for you with the Sample Radzen database?

Hi @korchev,

thanks for the quick response as always :slight_smile:

I think I step in the most problems that I use a self developed RESTful WebAPI which is not ODATA and I use swagger as source instead of SQL Server when defining the datasource.

I will try it with the demo database as well during the weekend.

Cheers, Markus