Paging Bug and Choose The First Page in DataGrid


Do we have a function which has a similar functionality like FirstPage() mentioned here?

I have 2 datagrids. When click on a row in first grid, the id of the record is taken and another stored procedures is queried with this paramater, whose data is shown in the second datagrid. The problem here is that, some records have a 70+ entries for secind table some only 2. When I choose a record on grid one and go to the 6th page of it(using the paging of datagrid) and then click on another record in table one which has only 2 records for table 2, then the grid shows that no records to display. I checked the query and it is because of the "skip=" parameter. It skips i.e. 50 records so there is no entry to show. If there is a way to choose the first page of the datagrid I will put it before each update to the data grid # 2 but I believe if you could fix this would be the best.

Thank you,

Can you please help me with this?

Hi @ozgur_agi,

You can try the following to move the grid to first page.

this.grid1.skip = 0;

Where grid1 is the Name of the DataGrid you want to reset.


This worked. Thanks :slight_smile: